Ethio-US Diplomatic Relation Will Continue Based on Mutual Benefits: MoFA Spokesperson

Addis Ababa December 23/2020 (ENA) Ethiopia’s diplomatic relation
with the new US administration will continue in a spirit of cooperation
and mutual benefits, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Dina Mufti said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the spokesperson said the
diplomatic relation between Ethiopia and USA will continue based on the
principle of mutualism. 

Dina noted that President Trump had a mistaken understanding and
inaccurate stand on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). 

“We believe that the new administration of Joe Biden will come up with good ideas for Africa,” he stated.

Ethiopia will continue to work with Joe Biden administration based on
common interests, the spokesperson said, adding that Ethiopia is ready
clarify its policy direction in the economic, diplomatic and political
spheres to the elected administration.

More efforts will be exerted to further enhance the mutual interests of the two countries, the spokesperson added.

Citing the distorted view of President Trump on GERD and the use of
Nile River in particular, Dina stated that Ethiopia would work closely
with the Biden administration to explain Ethiopia’s development vision
to do away with poverty. 

He further expressed his hope that the new Biden administration would
work in good spirit of cooperation not only with Ethiopia but also with
the whole of Africa.

According to him, the diplomatic relation between Ethiopia and the
United States which began in 1903 would enable the two countries to
conduct diplomatic activities. 

Ethiopia is one of the major development partners of the United
States in Africa and it has provided over 4 billion USD in development
assistance over the past five years.

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