Visa Types and Requirements

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1. Different Visas and Their Fees 

NoTypes of visaVisaSingle Entry/up to 1 monthMultiple entry/ 3 monthsMultiple entry/6monthsMultiple entry/1year
1Investment or businessI-V41.28 CAD55.04 CAD82.56 CAD165.12 CAD
2Various gov't servicesG-IV27.52 CAD110.08 CAD165.12 CAD 
3Employee of foreign countriesW-V55.04 CAD   
4Gov't servicesG-V41.28 CAD   
5NGOsN-V82.56 CAD   
6For employee of ContinentalR-I68.8 CAD   
7For short-term meeting, workshop, seminarC-V41.28 CAD   
8For media, JournalistJ-V55.04 CAD   
9Employee of Private EnterpriseP-E41.28 CAD   

2. Tourist Visa

No.Type of VisaSingle entry/ 1 monthSingle entry/ 3 monthsmultiple entry/ 3 monthsmultiple entry/6 months 
1Visitor Visa/VT55.04 CAD82.56 CAD93.32 CAD110.08 CAD 

3. Transit Visa

Staying timefee
12 HRS34.4 CAD
24 HRS55.04 CAD
48HRS68.8 CAD
72 HRS82.56 CAD
2 times transit visa for not more than 24 hours68.8 CAD

 4. Student Visa

    Student Visa ---    55.04 CAD

Please note that all tourist visa requests should be applied online.

To apply use the following link

Visa Requirements and Application Form

  1. Passport or official travel document (valid for at least six months) 
  2. A duly completed application form;
  3. One recent coloured passport-size picture;
  4. A copy of Air Ticket, for tourist visa applicants;
  5. Visa up on arrival Fee has to be in USD amount;
  6. A self-addressed EXPRESS PREPAID return envelope must be attached when an
    application is submitted by mail.
  7. All fees should be paid by Money Order or Certified Check and made payable to the 
    Embassy the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. 
  8. All types of business visa applicants must apply first to the office of Main Department for 
    Immigration & Nationality affairs in Ethiopia/Addis Ababa by the applicant's sponsoring 
    organization or company. After the confirmation the visa process will be finalized here in, 
    Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ottawa.
  9. A note verbal is required for holders of diplomatic or service passport or laissez passer 
    of international organizations;
  10. A copy of residence permit or student permit for non-Canadian passport holders;
  11. For children under the age of 18 yrs, a statement allowing a minor to travel abroad made
    by a non-travelling parent must be attached with a copy of his/her identification card.
  12. The processing time is three business days from the date of complete submission
  13. Visa fee. (See the list of visas fees below)


The above prices do not apply to American citizens. By special arrangement with the US government, American citizens receive a two-year multiple entry visa for both business and tourist purposes, for which the fee is $70 USD.

  • To complete the Application Form  Click Here
  • For all travelers: Remember to carry your yellow fever Immunization certificate with you when travelling. 

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