Laissez Passer

Laissez-passer is issued to an Ethiopian who is not holding a passport and going back to Ethiopia remains valid up to six months.

Application requirements:

  1. A duly completed application form;

  2. A proof of an Ethiopian citizenship:-
    * Original & Certified Ethiopian birth Certificate, OR
    * Original or Notarized Copy of Ethiopian passport.

  3. Two current picture size 3x4 cm and

  4. Laissez-passer fee: $68.80 CAD

  5. Original Permanent Resident card or Notarized true copy of the Permanent Resident card. 

  6. A self addressed Express Prepaid return envelope must be attached when an application is submitted by mail.

  7. All fees should be paid by money order or certified check made payable to the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Please make sure that the fee is exact amount in required currency.

Note: A letter should be written & signed by the applicant so as to take full responsibilities in order to renew his/her Ethiopian passport while he/she is in Ethiopia.

 To complete the Application Form(Please click here to download)


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